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Monday, July 7, 2008


Summer School stuff

I think a couple of these actually have artistic value.
As usual, click the thumbnails to make them bigger.

Shamelessly ripping off the Lackadaisy style

Lol H. H. Holmes
I drew it based on the description given in the Devil in the White City.

This is Og-Iggidy-Ogden
He is my Pokeman trainer guy dude kid

Um, if you don't know what "noodle" means in this context
It basically refers to a character having "noodly" limbs that don't seem to have definite joints
I plan to add a glossary of weird terms and characters to this blog, but I haven't yet.

Christine and Raoul were drawn by a couple of friends

Lol I don't think it's too bad, considering I hadn't seen a picture of him in forever.

We were in the drug unit


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